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2004: Format CD
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The definition of Joy is, “a deep happiness or profound delight; the expression or manifestation of jubilant gladness; to rejoice or be thankful; to exult.” And in 2004, Dianne recorded her joy on a captivating CD that features some of the most joyous music in the world: hymns and sacred melodies. 

This long-playing CD (nearly an hour) has your favorite hymns and sacred melodies, such as “Nearer, My God, to Thee,” “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “Panis Angelicus,” “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “Be Still My Soul,” and many more. 

All of the arrangements carry Dianne’s own unique style which blends traditional melodies with today’s easy-listening instrumental style. In the accompaniment, you’ll hear a grand piano that is cordial and welcoming, a string bass from the 1600’s which is full-bodied and lush, a violin that sounds like silk, a cello that feels as natural as your heart beat, a guitar that speaks to your soul, and percussion instruments that invigorate your sense of joy. 

And, of course, the unmistakable tone of Dianne’s 14-karat gold flute… clear, warm, and mellow…soars above them all with a simplicity and sincerity that clearly conveys the exultant theme of the CD.

Like a bright Sunday morning when the sunlight reflects off the dew, this music is pure and filled with light. An old adage says that “True joy comes from within.” And with this maxim in mind, these melodies will help you discover the light within your spirit, the source of your contentment, and the inspiration of your true joy. 

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